Westworld – Season 2 Predictions

For a opening season that had more twists and turns than a twisty-turney thing, it was nice for Westworld’s finale to end on a clean and clear note. But even though it answered a lot of questions that had been brewing over the course of the season, it also offered up a multitude of possibilities for the 2018 follow-up. Without further ado, then, here are five predictions for Westworld, season 2.

(Spoilers for season 1 ahead… obviously.)

1. Captain Bernard


It seemed as if his Ford was handing over the reigns to Bernard during their talk in the chapel in the final episode. It would make also make a lot of sense: Ford giving control of the park to what is now a living, breathing, thinking copy of his old friend Arnold. But things are unlikely to be so simple, and Bernard’s ascendancy to power – whether he wants it or not – will likely be one of the main areas of tension during the next season.

Likelihood: medium

2. Returning characters

WW Elsie.PNG

Elsie, Stubbs and the Man in Black are all characters who were seen to be injured or in danger, but never outright killed. TV rules dictate, then, they are still alive and will make an appearance next season. In fact, Ed Harris (TMIB) has even said he’ll be returning in 2018; and Shannon Hoodward’s Elsie also looks extremely likely as the show’s creators have been keen to tease her return through various soundbites and videos. Also, the show kinda needs these characters to return, given the amount of humans who met their timely end during the finale…

Likelihood: high

3. Conflict between the board


At the end of the finale we see TMIB smiling with glee after he gets shot in the arm by a host. Why? Finally Westworld had become real and was no longer a game – what he’d always wanted. Of course, the Delos board are going to want to roll back the hosts and restore order in the park. Naturally, this will cause a divide between TMIB and the board, and will likely be one of season 2’s main areas of conflict.

Likelihood: high

4. Samurai World


Again, the existence of other parks is something that was hinted at during the finale. We know for a fact that there’s a Samurai world and there may indeed be others. But if we’re going to see any of them, it will most likely be Samurai World. How much time we’ll spend in the park, though – will it take the place of Westworld? will we flick back and forth between the two? – remains to be seen.

Likelihood: medium 

5. Ford lives


Ford definitely dies at the end of Season 1, there’s no doubt about that. Or did he? See, some have speculated that the great magician pulled one final trick by having Dolores shoot a manufactured copy of himself. Conversely, some believe Dolores actually shot the real Ford, but that he will live on through a host version of himself. Either of these scenarios could well be true – after all, he was seen to be manufacturing another host during episode 7’s thrilling climax – but it’s far more likely that we’ll only get to see Ford through a series of flashbacks and vignettes.

Likelihood: low


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