Film haul #1


What better way to get rid of my not-so-hard-earned cash than by spending it all on a load of films…

Only God Forgives

This neon-drenched revenge flick was initially booed at Cannes upon its release. Lord knows why: Only God Forgives is a fantastic Refn film. And if it divides opinion, that’s what all good films should do, no?


The second Refn film on my list, and the first of two to feature Tom Hardy. Whilst it doesn’t quite match the quality of Drive, it’s still very much worth owning.


Despite being so widely lauded, this film never really appealed to me. Yet, having given it a watch, it’s fair to say I didn’t know what I was missing. A wonderful Danny Boyle film, and an imaginative take on the Irvine Welsh novel.


A great Coen Brothers film, which actually didn’t make that much of an impression on me at first. But this is one of those movies that just gets better and better the more you watch it.



A superb little indie film that got plenty of attention during 2015’s award season – and rightly so. Not a bad thing to say about this one. Definitely my tempo.


Have yet to see this one, but it scooped up a load of wins during award season, so must be good, right?

The Revenant


The second film in the haul to feature the now super-successful Tom Hardy – in this case the monumental twat of a yang to Leo DiCaprio’s virtuous ying. Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu, the man behind the rather unique Birdman, it’s no wonder why this film is just so good. Oh, and it looks bloody stunning, too.




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